Wednesday, February 08, 2012

High Yield Energy Stocks with high dividends

High Yield Energy Stocks:  Everyone talks about the lack of yield.  With the 10 year treasury yield 2% why not consider high yield, high divident energy stocks. Energy stocks continue to be an excellent way to get high yield.  The screen below lists energy stocks with over 5% yield.  Some of my favorites are BPT, LINE, and PBT.  Energy demand will continue to grow. 

Covered Calls Over 5% Return for Mar 2012

Covered Calls:  Below is my covered call screen for technology stocks that will yield over 5% return for a Covered Call for March 2012 expiration.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Weight Watchers (Day 4)

Down 2.5 pounds in 4 days.  Weight Watchers is working.  I have been getting my cardio work outs in at my gym.  I have been a member of Bally's Fitness for over 20 years.  I hadn't been to Bally's in a while since I had my hip replacement back in October.  Anyway, I go to Bally's and it turns out that they have been bought by LA Fitness.  This is a good thing the LA Fitness clubs are all over the place and they are awesome.

Ok back to Weight Watchers, I have been doing good counting my points every day.  Below is a list of the food that I ate today and the estimated points.  Remember I get 29 points a day.


1 piece high fiber toast and peanut butter  - 2 pts
2 oz of orange juice - 2 pts
3 prunes - 1 pt
1 cup bran flakes and 2% milk - 2 pts
Coffee with Equal and 2 % milk


Turkey sandwich with cheese mayo and mustard - 5 pts  (They key to sandwiches is picking a high fiber bread, my bread is huge and it is only 1 point per slice)
Apple - 1 pt
Banana - 2 pts
Split pea soup - 3 pts  (I was upset when I found out the points on this, it was good but the points were to high, I can eat a hold can of Progresso Lite soup and it is only 1 pt for the can)
Fiber 1 bar - 2 pts
Weight Watchers Yogurt - 1 pt


5 oz of beef tips and gravy and 1 slice of bread - 6 pts (I estimated the meat points)
Veggies - 1 pt

I still had 2 points left at the end of the day.