Friday, March 03, 2006

Making money with Google Adsense, Linkshare, and Commission Junction

Are you interested in making money at home with Google Adsense and other affiliate programs? Did you know that you can have a home based business that sells real products from Walmart, Target, and other retailers without ever having to ship anything. The best part about these programs are they are real home based businesses that do not require any investment on your part. I currently participate in the following programs to earn money on line.

  • Google Adsense: Making money with Google Adsense is very simple. You simply place contextual ads on your websites using the code that your cut and paste from Google Adsense. The cool part about contextual ads is that you do not have to sell anything to get paid you get paid when vistors click on your ads. For example I started a web site on school uniforms which allows users to search for the best deals on school uniforms. Click here to buy books on Google Adsense
  • Linkshare: Linkshare is an affiliate program, which means the customer has to buy something in order for the affiliate to earn a commission. Linkshare has a variety of different companies that you can establish an affiliate relationship with. You can keep track of the click through rate, the number of items that you have sold, and the amount of commission that you have earned. Click here to become a LinkShare Affiliate!
  • Commission Junction: Commission Junction is a competitor to Linkshare. Basically is it the same concept. You form relationships with you online stores, place adds on your websites and then you earn commissions when visitors click on your adds and actually buy at the sites.
  • Amazon Associates: If you are familiar with you know that you can buy almost anything from Amazon. They sell more than just books. So if you are looking for products to sell on your website becoming an Amazon Associate is a great idea. I started a website on digital cameras and I have several products on the site that users can buy directly from Amazon.

Start your own home based business: So how do you get started earning money on your websites with contextual ads and affiliate programs. Here is the step by step list of how I got started.

  1. Start a website or blog on a specific topic. If you have little experience on developing websites I would suggest you start a blog. If you can type you can make a blog, they are very easy to develop and are the same as website but they don't require you to have a lot of programming knowledge.
  2. Register with the affiliate programs that you would like to place ads on your site.
  3. Place your ads on your website. The Linkshare and Amazon ads are easy to put on a blog because they do not have any Javascript in them, however, the Google Ads are a little trickier.
  4. The next step is to drive traffic to you website. The higher the traffic the more potential you may have to obtain click throughs on you pay per click ads or affliate ads.

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Here is the orginal article from Business 2.0 magazine that motivate me to start trying to make money on line. I have found a more interesting magazine which combines business new with high tech. I recommend this magazine.


If a 19-year-old kid can make a respectable living by working the Web a few hours a day, why can't you? Jon Gales still lives with his parents in Tampa, Fla., has no college degree, tends to his site occasionally—and could pull down $55,000 in a year for a job he'd gladly do for nothing.
He's one of a rare but growing breed: the independent blogger who, through smarts, dedication, and a bit of luck, turns a profit. In August alone, his all-cell-phones, all-the-time website,, earned him $4,600. Given the time he put in, that works out to about $70 an hour. He has done a great job his site has a 7 out of 10 page ranking. It is a pretty cool site check it out.

Not a bad haul for a born geek. Gales started writing HTML code at the age of 13. After finishing high school in 2002, he got a Sony Ericsson mobile phone and posted a review on a Macintosh enthusiast's site that linked to Amazon Associates, an online affiliate program that pays for referrals. After getting back $150, he realized that "there was some money to be made here," he says. So Gales launched Mobiletracker in early 2003 to cover the cell-phone world. Logging on in the middle of the night to search for late-breaking tidbits—like when Siemens would bring out a fancier camera phone—he posted news, which attracts viewers. "Over and over again, traffic goes to the sites where people write regularly, honestly, and authoritatively," says David L. Sifry, founder of Technorati, a site that monitors blogging trends. Mobiletracker serves more than 300,000 pageviews a month to 140,000 unique visitors, according to Web-tracking sites. And every time a viewer clicks on one of's Google-provided ad links, the search engine giant kicks back some money to Gales, depending on what an advertiser is willing to pay. Generally, the more expensive the products or services advertised on a site, the bigger the payout. Fortunately, Gales covers relatively high-priced goods; life would be different if his passion were toothbrushes. "Write about something low-cost and you'll get nothing out of it," he says.

This is a business that's just starting to grow. Gales is looking to extend his publishing empire into other moneymakers. "Quality content will be rewarded," he says. "People will come to me." — A.T.

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