Sunday, March 19, 2006

Stock tips and investing tools

Stock tips and investing tools

Are you looking for stock tips? Are you trying to find some good sound investment ideas. The internet makes it easy with a wide variety of investing tools. Below I have listed some of my favorite sites for investing tools and stock screening. If you have some favorites sites that you would like me to add please leave me a comment and I will add them to this post.

MSN Power Searches: This is a really nice stock screener that has some built in searches for you to quickly slice and dice the stock market in different ways. It has everything from highest yielding stocks to stocks that have reached new 52 week highs. Before you get started investing in stocks I recomment one of my favorite books on investing which is by the creator of Investor's Business Daily (IBD) called How to make money in stocks. Also by the way if you really want some great investement ideas all week long and want to read a paper that is designed for the investor you can do no better that IBD.

Quantum Online Preferred Stocks: If you are looking for the ulitimate screening source for prefered stocks look no further than Quantum Online. They request that you actually register and become a member which so far has not been a problem for me. It doesn't appear the they have sold my email address.

Mad Money Stock Sreener: Do you like Jim Cramer's Mad Money? I am a big fan, I really enjoy catching his show on XM Radio on the way home in the evenings. Most of the time he goes so fast it is impossible to remember his picks and call on all the stocks. Have no fear, just go to the Mad Money Addict Page for a data base of all his picks and calls. Cramer also has some excellent books out that assist you in understand the market and his method of stock picking and evalution checkout Books by Cramer.

Keeping Track of Your Stock Performance: If you are an active trader you already know how challenging it is to keep track of your cost basis and won loss record for the stocks that you have been trading. Even though you might be able to do this through your online broker it is still a challenge to keep track of the capital gains when it comes tax time. Microsoft has a simple
Excel sheet
that helps you keep track of this. By far the easiest way to keep track of this is by using the software Quicken.

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