Wednesday, February 08, 2012

High Yield Energy Stocks with high dividends

High Yield Energy Stocks:  Everyone talks about the lack of yield.  With the 10 year treasury yield 2% why not consider high yield, high divident energy stocks. Energy stocks continue to be an excellent way to get high yield.  The screen below lists energy stocks with over 5% yield.  Some of my favorites are BPT, LINE, and PBT.  Energy demand will continue to grow. 

Covered Calls Over 5% Return for Mar 2012

Covered Calls:  Below is my covered call screen for technology stocks that will yield over 5% return for a Covered Call for March 2012 expiration.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Weight Watchers (Day 4)

Down 2.5 pounds in 4 days.  Weight Watchers is working.  I have been getting my cardio work outs in at my gym.  I have been a member of Bally's Fitness for over 20 years.  I hadn't been to Bally's in a while since I had my hip replacement back in October.  Anyway, I go to Bally's and it turns out that they have been bought by LA Fitness.  This is a good thing the LA Fitness clubs are all over the place and they are awesome.

Ok back to Weight Watchers, I have been doing good counting my points every day.  Below is a list of the food that I ate today and the estimated points.  Remember I get 29 points a day.


1 piece high fiber toast and peanut butter  - 2 pts
2 oz of orange juice - 2 pts
3 prunes - 1 pt
1 cup bran flakes and 2% milk - 2 pts
Coffee with Equal and 2 % milk


Turkey sandwich with cheese mayo and mustard - 5 pts  (They key to sandwiches is picking a high fiber bread, my bread is huge and it is only 1 point per slice)
Apple - 1 pt
Banana - 2 pts
Split pea soup - 3 pts  (I was upset when I found out the points on this, it was good but the points were to high, I can eat a hold can of Progresso Lite soup and it is only 1 pt for the can)
Fiber 1 bar - 2 pts
Weight Watchers Yogurt - 1 pt


5 oz of beef tips and gravy and 1 slice of bread - 6 pts (I estimated the meat points)
Veggies - 1 pt

I still had 2 points left at the end of the day.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Weight Watchers - (Day 3)

I like Weight Watchers because it is simple.  The system that I use is around 3 years old.  I also like it because I have found it to be effective, the first time that I did Weight Watchers I inspired at least 5 other people to join because they saw my dramatic weight loss.  I lost 40 pounts in 6 months.  Here are the basics of the Weight Watchers system that I am using.

  1. Count points:  I get 29 points per day.  Weight Watchers has a formula that they use to calculate how many points you should get.  For example an apple is 1 point, pizza is around 6 points, a banana is 2, steak is around 1 point per ounce.
  2. Eat low point foods and then you are not hungry.  Things like vegetables and fruits are lower point foods.  Higher fiber foods tend to be lower points as well.
Day 3 status:  Down 1.5 pounds, still had 2 points left at the end of the day, 21 minutes of cardio.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Weight Watchers Round 2 (Day 1)

Well it is a new year. Happy New Year! Time for a new set of New Year's resolutions.

Weight lose goal: My goal is to loose the same 45 pounds I already lost. At 46 I had my hip replaced on October 5th of last year. Leading up to the hip replacement I got slower and less inclined to work out. So the weight that I lost on Weight Watchers over 3 years ago came back. Of course eating out in restaurants a lot did not help either. So I am going to jornal about my progress in hope to encourgage other people to loose weight. It doesn't matter what program you use however you do need a program. I am using Weight Watchers since it worked for me before. For me there are several key habits to Weight Watchers success.

  1. Counting points - I am on the system from 3 years ago. Since I know that Weight Watchers points system.

  2. Water: Driving lots of water.

  3. Exercise: Getting the cardio work outs in. Since my hip replacement I prefer to either walk, use the Precor Eliptical, or swim. I am looking forward to bike riding in the summer.

Status: Day 1, 245 pounds, counted points, 30 minutes walking.