Monday, February 07, 2011

UGA EFT vs. US Gas Prices Charts

Gas price charts:   I have found the best location for up to date gas price charts is has some great phone apps where you can track the local gas prices and make decisions on where to buy your gas for the best price each day.  I use their app on my iphone, works great.  I use charts in some of my work presentations.

Are you getting tired of high gas prices? Feel like there isn't anything that you can do about it. Why not buy the UGA ETF which is suppose to track US Gas Prices.  A better option might be to buy a call option on UGA. Then you would have a leverage bet against gas prices rising this summer. This is something they do every summer and they are sure to do as the economy improves as well.

Here is an updated chart of recent UGA ETF prices from 2-12-12.  This is another pretty easy compare of gas prices versus UGA ETF.  Look at gas prices on 12/19/11 compare this to the UGA ETF.  You can see that UGA tracks down and up with the gas prices.  That is what is was designed to do.  A potential easy play on this is to notice when you are getting gas are gas prices down right now?  Might be a great time to buy the UGA ETF.

UGA ETF Prices as of 2-12-12

Check out the chart below which tracks the weekly gas prices vs. UGA ETF.  As designed the UGA ETF almost tracks perfectly the price of gas.    If we look a gas prices seasonally you mighte even be able to find another trend for when to by the UGA ETF.