Sunday, February 05, 2006

Get Rich Quick?

Get Rich Quick?

Everyone wants to get rich quick and not have to work to do it. I see people that want to make $5000/week working from home. I would like to do this as well but it is not reality. There are very few get rich quick scemes that work.

Some of the best advice I have found toget rich is in several get rich books. None of them claim that you can get there quick, however they do give a lot of great trips on how to get rich.

Some of my favorite books are The Millionaire Next Door, Millionaire Mind, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich, and The One Minute Millionaire. These books have a lot of great tips, some of the basics on getting rich, spend less than you make, invest the rest. Get more education, get a degree or a skill. Get a job using this education and then get an advanced degree. You can also start a business. Rich Dad Poor Dad talks about the Cash Flow Quadrant.

The 4 quadrants are, 1. Employee 2. Self Employed 3. Business owner 4. Investor. The concept is if you can do all 4. For example I have a full time job, I am self employed through my website business, I don't really have a business yet because that would mean I have employee, and I am an investor. I still don't have quadrant 3 covered yet however, I am dreaming about it and looking for ways to start a business. Rich people usually own a business.

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