Saturday, February 11, 2006

Free credit cards no annual fee and credit card rewards

Are you using a credit card that charges you an annual fee? Does your credit card give you cash back or other rewards? Did you get a free give when you got your credit card? Does your credit card have a competitive low interest rate? If not what are you thinking. There a thousands of credit card companies out there just waiting to have your business. They will literally will pay you to use there cards.

For example I signed up for a free credit card from Schwab that pays me 1% cash back and I got a free IPOD shuffle just for signing up. Additionally if you don't want to take advantage of the cash back you can order stuff in there online catalog. AT&T offers a credit card that pays up to $300 per year cash back.

The Discover Card was one of the first companies to offer cash back credit cards. Additionally, some of the credit cards give even larger rewards for items like gas, groceries, etc. Click Here to Apply for the Discover® Platinum Card!

Discover Card Platinum Application

Another good example is to use a credit card from an airline or an auto company. For a while I was using the Northwest card to earn miles. However, they charged and annual fee that got to large so I took my own advice and switched to a free card. If you really want a new car and you like a particular brand you could get a GM or Ford car for example.

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