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23 Free Places to Sell Your Stuff On Line

23 Free places to sell your stuff online.
Do you have stuff to sell? Are you looking to unload some junk or to raise some money for other stuff you would like to buy. Below are 23 free classified advertising sites that can help you sell your stuff online.

  1. I find the most effective way to sell things online is through eBay. However eBay is not a free place to sell things online. However, the rest sites below are free.  Did you see the recent news on the controversy between eBay and Craigslist, pretty interesting article in business week.  Update:  I have recently been getting back into eBay.  I think they are trying to change their ways.  It even looks like you may be able to do some free listings.
  2. CraigsList is a no nonsense, comprehensive, classified ads listing source it is a great spot to sell your stuff online. It is especially nice for the regional feature, you can pick your city or a city close to you.  Craigslist is not an auction site so most of the time you will be dealing with people looking at stuff in your driveway.  However, I have a lot of friends that have had great luck with Craigslist.  Update:  I have been using Craigslist for real estate ads including for sales by owner homes and homes and apartments for rent.  Craigslist has update some new features that make it easier for you to renew your post and update your post.  That have also gotten rid of the annoying captcha section which was always a royal pain and slowed down your web page updates.
  3. Google Base allows you to setup a webpage for free to advertise your business or stuff that you have to sell.  It also seems that when you sell stuff on Google base you also get better search engine results from Google.  I don't know why that is and I can't prove it however, it seems like it does.  Update: Google base has been replaced by Google Merchant Center.  It is still free and allows your items to be show on Google Shopping.  I am a newbie on this service, basically you can create a manual feed that links to your items and then you items will appear in the search results.
  4. Yahoo classifieds lets you run free ads for 7 days on a lot of items but not on everything. Things like cars and houses you have to pay a fee. They allow you to include a photo, manage your listing from My Classifieds page, and up to 200 characters to describe your item.
  5. Its kind of anything goes on Myspace classifieds, cars house what ever and the ads are free. They do have some restrictions on posting adult content.
  6. Windows live expo has a cool feature it indicates how far you are physically located from the listing. Therefore if you are trying to purchase something that you might actually go look at first or pickup this is a great way to figure out what is available.
The rest of the online sites I do not have any experience with.  If you have please leave a comment about them and I will add it to the article.
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