Friday, February 02, 2007

Top 6 How to Finance Articles

A few great articles on personal finance that I discovered at The first on from which is titled 102 Personal Finance Tips Your Professor Never Taught You is a great article covering everything from taxes to debt to eduction. Check it out. This article refers to what they didn't teach you in high school but I also think it refers to college as well check out 101 Financial Tips you Never Learned in High School (but should have) which is from Bankruptcy Reader. A very popular question that is usually asked by someone who doesn't have a job is how to get rich so make sure you stop by at 25 Rules to Grow Rich which is from CNN. The leasons from Mom. You know it is hard to replace good old Mom, I try to call her everyday so don't miss out on 46 Things I Wish My Mom Taught Me About Money. Everyone wants to know how to save money, so here are 88 Tips To Save Money. If your a student or a parent trying to pay for college you can go wrong by reviewing this article on 117 Creative Ways for Students to Pay for College.

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