Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wisdom from my Dad and Father in Law

My Dad always had some phrases that he used to remind us of some fundamental rules of the universe. I don't know if he made them up or heard them somewhere else. I just know that they have helped me in my career and life. Some of the quotes are from my wife's Dad along with my comments.

  1. Show up, shut up, cash the check. This quote applies to work and careers. In general it means that no one really likes a whiner. I try to explain this to my kids how they whine and complain about something longer than it takes to accomplish what I asked them to do. Kind of amazing isn't it. Do you know people like this at work? They complain and say they can never get ahead. Yet when the boss is handing out extra assignments or looking for volunteers they are the first ones to say, "not my job". This saying also fits in with the quote, "a big part of success is just showing up". I have met lots of people that literally think that their sick days are vacation days and you are suppose to use them up every year. I tend to be on the other extreme and usually end up showing up at work when I really should have stayed home sick.
  2. You can pick your day not your weather Don't complain about the weather or timing of things. You need to be able to follow through when things go wrong or things like the weather or situations do not go your way.
  3. The harder you work the luckier you get This is a pretty common phrase that I use to hear and have heard frequently from other places. This is true in almost all situations. If you lean into a project, discuss the problem and issues with enough people, come up with alternatives and work hard, you will figure out some solutions.
  4. Show up, shut up and shell out This one was from my father in law and it applies to things like weddings and kids parties and so on. It is better in some situations not to argue or give your input on things. You just need to support your wife in these situations, show up, and shell out. Shell out meaning write the check for whatever she is asking for.
  5. When in doubt through it out Another one from my father in law and it applies to things in the fridge. Simple but true.
  6. If you don't like what's for dinner eat at another restaurant. This one applies to kids and being a guest at someones house.

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