Saturday, April 29, 2006

Jim Cramer Mad Money Stock Picks

Jim Cramer Mad Money Stock Picks

First of all as I have mentioned before I am a big fan of Jim Cramer and his CNBC show Mad Money. Fortunately, I have XM Radio and I can catch the show on the way home. Did you know that there are a over a half a dozen ways that you can keep track of Jim Cramer and his stock picks. Below you will find the top 8 ways that I recommend for keeping track of Jim Cramer.

  1. Mad Money Recaps: If you miss the show one day no worries my friend simple goto the the Mad Money Recaps page and you will be able to read through all of Jim Cramer's stock picks for the week, including the featured stocks of the day, the lightening round, and even his interviews.

  2. Real Money Radio Show: Hey if you didn't have time to catch the Mad Money show on CNBC, I don't know maybe you don't have cable or XM Radio, that's ok, you could always catch Cramer's Real Money Radio Show. I find the Real Money Radio Show to be a little calmer that the Mad Money Show but basically it is the same idea and it is available for free!

  3. Jim Cramer Podcasts: This just in, actually just in last weekend for me anyway, maybe you knew about it. Did you know that you can also download Cramer's Real Money Show and parts of the Mad Money program to your ipod. Pretty cool! This really works for me because I can stackup a few shows and then catch up all in one day. Just open up you I-Tunes and goto the store and select Podcast. Isn't technology amazing and again its free. Hey if you don't have an ipod you can shop for them right here.

  4. Mad Money Stock Screener: Ok so now you don't feel like listening to Cramer every day or reading what he said but you have a stock idea and you would like to get Cramer's take on the particular stock. No problem just goto the Mad Money Screener and type in the symbol of your stock and Booyah! you have instant knowledge on when was the last time Cramer has mentioned the stock and if he thought it was a buy, sell or hold.

  5. The Another way to keep up with Cramer is to checkout his stories that he writes for The It is another excellent way for you to get the same type of information about what he is saying everyday. What I find is he is saying the same thing each day he just has multiple channels to try and reach his audience.

  6. The Daily Booyah: Are you still feeling lazy and looking for an even easier way, why not sign up for The Daily Booyah! Cramer will email you twice a day for free the recap of the Real Money Show and Mad Money as well. I just found this out this morning and I signed up. Pretty cool!
  7. Action Alerts Plus Charitable Trust: Ok so all of the above stuff is still not enough for you and you really want to know what Cramer is doing? Then you need to buy a subscription to Cramer's Action Alerts Plus. The cost is $399.95 for an annual subscription, hey you can probably make that up in one good trade. Good luck and let me know how it works out for you. You can even try for 2 weeks for free. Free is always good, I am cheap.

  8. Books by Jim Cramer: Jim has written three books on investing and his style and thoughts about the market. His 4 books are: Jim Cramer's Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World, Confessions of a Street Addict, and You Got Screwed! Why Wall Street Tanked and How You Can Prosper, and his latest book Watch TV Get Rich. So if you are having trouble popping for the Actions Alerts Plus, note I haven't signed up yet either, why not buy the books by Jim Cramer.

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