Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Publishing your own book at

Publishing your own book at

Do you have a book idea? Have you written a book but don't know how to get it published? Are you a frustrated author just looking for an audience? The traditional publishing industry can be confusing and complicated maze to work through in order for you to get you book actually published. Enter which offers authors a one-stop do-it-yourself publishing shop Basically, it allows anyone to publish a single copy of their book which can be published on demand and purchased directly from Lulu or even

How does it work: First of all Lulu is different from other on demand publishing outfits becuase there are absolutely no up front fees for the budding author. With Lulu you simply up load your manuscript, select the type of cover that you want, obtain an estimated cost of the publishing, and set your price. The great part about it is with the percent of the book price that you actually receive higher than the amount that you would receive from a traditional publishing company. Nothing wrong with that. Additionally, Lulu allows you the flexibility to select the type of book that you want to publish, hardcover or softcover.

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