Saturday, February 06, 2010

Saving Money - Drop the soft soap

Save money on soap. When you were a kid did you have soft soap in your house or a simple bar of soap? I used soft soap for a while a an adult, my family still uses it, unfortunately. I am a big believer in the old fashion bar of soap for several reasons.

  1. Soft soap is too expense. Do a little analysis. Take a look at how many bottles of soft soap you have in your house. What is the price? How often do you have to buy it. It might be the softsoap on the sink, or the body wash in the shower. It is all over the place in your house.

  2. Soft soap is not green. Think about the packaging in soft soap versus a bar of soap. Most of the time you have a jug or a bottle for the soap that you hopefully can recycle. It is a lot of waste.

  3. Soft soap doesn't last as long. If you use soft soap in the shower or at the sink I am always amazed at how much of the soap doesn't really stay on your hands or body and just get washed down the drain. If you use a simple bar of soap they seem to last forever especially if you use a good old fashion soap dish to keep the bar dry between uses. We have a few bars of soap that we bought from a local shop and they smell great and seem to last forever.

  4. Men's soap: I really like the smell of AXE Shower Gel my son really likes it as well. However, I have found two alternatives that smell just as good and are cheaper. The first one is the new (I think it is new) bar soap from Dove. To me the Dove Men + Care Deep Clean Body and Face Bar smells just like Axe Shower Gel and last a long time and is earth friendly. Additionally, it is a Dove product so it doesn't dry out your skin. I also like the Suave For Men Body Wash. Most of the time you can buy it for around $2 per bottle.

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