Saturday, August 05, 2006

Websites that save you money

Websites that save you money

I am always looking for ways to save money, reduce gas cost, get cheaper loans, invest more wisely. So I decides to put together a resource page on some of the interesting websites that I have found that help you save money.

The first site is It is a pretty cool site that lets you search through the available coupons ranging from $1 to $2 off some items. Some of the items even have rebates that make them free after rebate.

Another is this site is one of the Internet's leading web sites where you can get great samples of free stuff used by Americans on a daily basis. Basically you sign up on line and you receive that samples in the mail. I have tried it yet, but I would be interested in your opionion if you have.

I also like the This site allows you too lookup the weekly sale ads from most major stores. It is pretty handy if you don't get the Sunday paper or if you already pitched the paper and need to look something up.

Two other sites that allow you to do comparison shopping are and The neat part about these websites is that they do the work for you. You done have to go to a zillion different sites to do your comparison shopping.

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