Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Apple iPod and Starbucks Coffee catching on in Asia

Apple iPod and Starbucks Coffee catching on in Asia

It has been two years since I have been in Asia. Last year was a slow overseas travel year for me. I noticed two really important product or company differences this trip. The first one was the number of iPods people were using in Japan. Last time I visited I didn't see any of them. Now they seem to have really taken off. This of course is great for Apple's stock because Asia is just a huge market. Click here for product information on the ipod

The second thing that I noticed was a lot more Starbucks coffee shops. And just like their counter parts in the U.S. they were packed. I always like to joke that Starbucks needs watercooled cash registers because they never stop ringing the cash register. I say Starbucks in China, Tokyo, in the train stations, heck they even have one in the Nissan Tech Center lobby in Japan. Amazing!

Check out this video on Starbucks from Morningstar!

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