Thursday, November 08, 2007

The 4 hour work week- how to quit your day job, yeah!

The 4 hour work week - how to quit your day job. yeah!

I read a great book this summer call "The Four Hour Workweek". It covers how Tim Ferriss when from making $40K per year to $40K per month. Fasinating book he covers very systematically how to get rich. His method is not easy and it is not for those who are unmotivated but it does give you a step by step plan on how to quit your day job and have a very short work week. He covers everything from using virtual assistants in India, to creating the product that make you a lot of money.

Quiting your day job is perhaps the dream of most people. How many times do you ever meet someone who really likes there day job? I only know a few people, one is a teacher at a local community college. He has great hours and gets like 5 months off per year and is usually at home by 4 pm everyday.

For more information on Tim's method's check out his website The 4 hour workweek

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