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How to improve your search engine page ranking

How to improve your search engine ranking

I found an interesting article on Keys to search engine visibility over at the Improving the page rank of websites is one of the first thing that most people ask when they are doing a new web site either for their business or and online business. Here is what the article said along with my comments.

Good search engine results are vital to the success of a business. If a company is struggling to get traffic to its site, perhaps there is a need to seek out a firm that specializes in search engine optimization for websites -- which are natural results from a search engine -- and search engine marketing -- which are the paid ad link results in a search. Andrew Wetzler, president of Boca Raton-based MoreVisibility, spoke to The Miami Herald about what businesses both large and small should keep in mind in order to get the best possible search results for their websites.

This advice generally works for large companies however, if you are starting a brand new business you are probably not going to drop serveral thousands of dollars or even more to hire a search engine consultant. Most of the time you are going to have to do it yourself. I recommend the book SEO in an hour a day. It is easy to read and it gives you the basics on starting out on the search engine optimization trail. This book covers things like:

  1. Keywords research
  2. Understanding your competion
  3. How to develop links to your site.
  4. Meta tags
  5. Page names

He explained that keys to a successful search are to have strong content, the right keywords, other related sites that link to your site and a site design that does not have too many ''bells and whistles'' such as Flash programming features, so that a search engine can understand the site.

This is good advice and most people don't know this. The number one thing that you can do in your site to increase your website traffic is to add content. When they say content they mean text. Written words is the number one thing. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc do not see anything but text. Keywords, that is what they are looking for?

Q: What trends are you seeing now in search?
A: One of the most interesting things that is gaining momentum is the impact of social search on how companies market online. We do a fair amount of writing of blogs for companies and set the blog up and put all the pieces together properly. The reason that that is important is that blogs by nature are content rich and very targeted to what the subject matter is. The more content that is posted on a continual basis, the greater the likelihood that the site will do well naturally with search engines.

I read an article the other day over at another site about making money online and they described exactly that. Blogs are content rich. Mostly text, the format doesn't really matter. I a lot of cases the formats are the same if you are using a blog like Again keywords are the most important thing. I found a great tool at SEO book which you should check out, it allows you to put in a key word and it gives you as many variations to that word that search engines typically search for.

One of the keys to success in SEO is to target the long tail in key words. Their is an interesting book with the same title, The Long Tail. Basically, the long tail is half of a bell curve in a normal distribution curve. Don't worry about getting to the top of the search engine pages on one key word like 'lawyers" or "attorney". It will be very tough for most people starting out to get to the top of the search engine results page with this type of strategy. However it you have a site that specializes in divorce attorneys in New York specializing in helping men, you might have a better chance in getting good search engine ranking with that site.

Q: What sort of changes have there been in the industry in the last decade?
A: Not only has paid search become more important but also things like analytics, and that's a real scary term for business owners, large or small. It's extremely important that you have an analytics tool in place that can look at the traffic that's coming into your site and see which traffic is converting and which isn't and modify campaigns accordingly. Several years ago, people could only measure by how much traffic did I get and how much money is in the bank, how many sales did I get. Today we can segment so much more efficiently than we ever have before -- which keywords are driving conversions, which landing page is generating a better result, which engine converts better.

This is great advice. Analytics are tools offered by a lot of different sites. I found that Google Analytics to be a great tool. As I mentioned above, keywords are key and so is the long tail, with Google analytics I have found that some of my sites have more than 400 different keywords that people are searching for. With that knowledge you can add additional keyword rich content to your site to help push up your search engine rankings..

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