Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cheap flights for the holidays

Cheap flights for the holidays

Are you looking for ways to find cheaper flights for the holidays? It is really tough trying to find good deals during prime season. If you are flying around Christmas or Easter breaks it can be a really expensive proposition. I am stuck in the mode that some things should still cost what they cost 20 years ago, for me a flight should cost $200 to anywhere in the U.S. A pair of dress shoes should cost $30 and a loaf of bread should cost a buck. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work out for me. So you really have to look around for the airline flight deals. Hear are my tips on reducing the cost of airline tickets during the holidays.

  1. First tip, shop early but don't worry if there are not any good flight prices 2 months in advance of your trip. During the holidays the airline companies will re-task planes to popular destinations like Florida so they can accomodate more travelers.

  2. Shop frequently, you might have to check several airline websites everyday for several weeks before you find a good deal.

  3. Shop at different times of the day, evening, midnight, early morning. Sometimes the airlines release new fairs during odd hours and you could get lucky and find a great deal.

  4. If you can be flexible on your dates and departure times. Some times moving just one day earlier or later can mean your flight is $100 cheaper. Remember everyone wants to travel on December 26th so they can be home for Christmas but after that it is off to Florida or somewhere warm.

  5. Look for an early morning or late night flight. Most people don't want to get up at 3:30 am to goto the airport, however, if you are cheap like me you'll do it if it saves you a few bucks.

  6. Check multiple travel sites like Yahoo Travel (Fare chaser is really good).

  7. Check the airlines websites directly.

  8. Use discount airlines, generally the hub airline in your city will have the most non-stops but the discount airline might have one connection, however if you are a family of 4 saving $100 per person is a big deal and it might be worth wasting an additional 90 minutes during the layover some where.

  9. Be flexible on your departure airport. If might make sense for you to drive 2 hours to another airport if they have a cheaper flight.

  10. Look for one way ticket deals. Some times you might have to fly down on one airline and then fly back on another. Providing you are using the same airport you really won't even know the difference.

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